Stories from behind the wheel


“I used to do all types of things when I was younger. I did photography and designed on the side. I helped design Spike Lee’s "Do the Right Thing” poster, and I still got a signed copy of it. I also collected vinyls with a passion, but my son recently gave me a usb that has most of my collection on it. [Al Jarreau playing]

Word of Advice: Develop your own film. It’s more fun that way”


“I lived in Hollywood all my life, right on [street redacted]. My brother taught Drama at Hollywood High for over 20 years. I take care of him now and visit him every week. His birthday is coming up, you should come.

Word of Advice: Take your time. It’ll come”

[Passenger, not driver]


“When I was a kid, my father tried to kill me. One night, high off something, he and my mother got into a really big fight. She ended up leaving and he took it out on me and my brothers. My big brother saved my life, but I wish I could’ve done the same for my little brother. I been through so many foster and group homes growing up. At one foster home, there were 13 of us. One parent was black, one was white. All of the kids were of different races, so you probably know how everyone would stare at us when we went out.

Word of Advice: Always look out for your own. There was this one kid that always used to rock back and forth, we used to clown him out of love to help him ease his anxiety.


“I work security at festivals and concerts. I did Coachella last year and let me tell you, I confiscated so many blunts me and my boys didn’t spend nothing on weed all weekend and the week after that.

Word of Advice: Hide your shit or else security will use it”


“Being Muslim in a nation that hates you is hard, but the community has your back through all of it. I’m from Pakistan but I’ve lived in both the UK and the US for a while. Discrimination is still and will always be there, but so will my people. As long as we work hard and have each other, it doesn’t matter what other people think. We’re gonna live our lives the best we can

Word of Advice: Embrace your culture and your people unconditionally and it will do the same”


"I’m from Guatemala. I love the place but I’d never live there anymore, there’s nothing for me there. The only one left there is my sister, who I visit often. Even if all I do is work over here, it’s better than working for nothing like in Guatemala. You wouldn’t believe the amount of corruption that goes on.

Word of Advice: Save your money”


“I’m trying to do better for my family. I just graduated high school and I tell my daughter everyday how important an education is no matter how ‘lame’ it sounds.

Word of Advice: You can always change for the better”


“I just moved here from Alabama. I left an abusive boyfriend and never looked back. I got two jobs and I make beats and rap too. Financially, life is rough right now but Im doing me and chasing my dreams and thats all that matters.

Word of Advice: Do what’s best for YOU”


“I lived in Uganda until I was 18. I moved to the UK by myself, fell in love, got my heart broken. Moved to California met another amazing woman and started a family.

My daughter is going to University of California [City Redacted] next fall and my son is in his senior year at [City Redacted] High. I gave them a great life but one day I want them to visit where I grew up in Uganda so they know the hardships I went through to provide them an easier life.

Word of Advice: Get an alarm clock”

[I was telling him how I was late for work again]


“You’re my second passenger ever. So far so good”

Word of advice: Uh idk”